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March 22, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Health care workers are on the front lines of sickness and with that we are dedicated to take care of you and your family. As we follow the guidelines of the ADPH and CDC, we want you to know measures we are taking to keep you safe. With Emergency Rooms filled with capacity and sickness, we will continue to evaluate patients locally so we can keep you from the Emergency Rooms and additional exposure.

We are seeing "well only" individuals in the morning times up until 11am. These are individuals who must come in for non-sick issues. We understand that there are issues outside of respiratory illness that must be addressed and we want to reassure you that we are taking measures to prevent you from becoming ill. By seeing well only in the mornings, it allows our staff proper time to disinfect rooms and the facility.

We are seeing "sick" individuals after 1pm. These are visits that must have direct examination by a provider. If you are running fever, we ask that you remain in the car once you arrive to the clinic. DO NOT come in the office. We will guide you with specific instructions once you arrive.

We are NOW offering Telemedicine visits for a limited time. Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross, and most other commercial insurances are offering Telemedicine visits for you until mid-April. This visit is where a provider directly calls you and manages your issues over the phone so you do not have to come to the office. Please note, there are some instances where a provider must personally evaluate and may ask you to come to the clinic if needed. Also, you must be an established patient of the clinic and the visit is subject to a co-pay depending on your specific insurance plan.

If you or one of our providers suspect COVID-19 illness, we will guide you in steps for testing. The state is working on additional testing sites and have sent us information regarding the process. We pray that you all stay safe and please reach out to us for any medical needs!